Work with Passion

Jan 8 2021

<p>Work with Passion</p>

I have been falling in love with the concepts that have been coming out since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When people were forced to stay at home and companies couldn’t adjust to the environment's change fast enough, people slowly started to realise that being happy is one of the most important things for a human being.

No amount of free lunches, ping pong tables and free Tesla rides could trick you into working at home on something you hate.

That is why 2020 saw the sharp rise of unemployment and a sharp turnover rate in companies that had great teams before. The main reason is when we are left with our own thoughts, alone, we have no-one trick and no-one to lie about them to. We are forced to think and analyse ourselves.

What is the hardest thing to do for a human? Apparently doing absolutely nothing is less appealing than getting electrocuted. When I saw this study, this has completely changed my understanding of the world around us and what is right and what is wrong.

We, humans, choose anything but boredom as a source of spending time because activities don’t leave us alone with our personal thoughts.

Boredom and total stillness is the true path to understanding your inner thoughts and body.

Dig deep into your thoughts

So if you would like to have a competitive advantage to most of the human population, you can embrace the stillness and boredom rather than fighting it. Try to use it to your advantage.

Do meditation, make retreats with not technology and only yourself. Do other activities that help you listen to your internal voice and not silence it.

Once you are able to understand what exactly is your mind and your body are telling you, you can now finally focus on what you need, not on something that others have been putting onto you.

Work that you love

The concept that has been more and more evident is people moving from well-paying jobs to the jobs that make them happy and fulfil them as human beings.

I have had many friends in finances, that were earning incredible money, to go and pursue jobs and careers that actually won’t ever pay as much.

One of them went to become a musician, while the other became a photographer and has already been fully booked for the next year.

The most amazing part is that those that switch to the jobs of their dreams, not only makes sure that they are feeling happy and excited about the days ahead, but that they also achieve much more than they would ever achieve previously because of their passion and total immersion into the field.

Don’t be scared

If you are unhappy at your job, but you are too scared to make any change, don’t be scared and don’t make any life-changing actions just yet.

Crippling fear is a real illness that actually a lot of people suffer from. When it comes to your career, you can always take it slow and instead of quitting your day job all-together, trying to freelance or just practice in free time is more than fine to initially reach the goals you want.

Once you are certain of your choice, you can then decided on what to do.

The most important thing is to start as without starting; nothing will ever change.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y