Working Remotely

Feb 18 2021

<p>Working Remotely</p>

What are the benefits of working remotely, and what are the drawbacks of working in-house? This question has been on my mind for an extremely long time now, and over the days and even months that I have been sleeping on this idea, people have already moved completely to remote work.

Prior to 2020 in-house work was the only thing you should seek and no-one even spoke about remote work except freelancers and entrepreneurs. In 2020 there was literally no possibility of travelling to work, and for a couple of months, every person experienced the remote work for themselves. It seems that that taste was similar to a drug as right now, an unbelievable number of people are still trying to change their way of working from in-house to remote work. That is without saying that remote work saw a tenfold increase.

The problem right now is that not every company is happy about this. Companies don’t trust their employees and as a result, prefer people to be working in house.

This is a completely wrong mentality as all of the research shows that remote work not only promotes the company in the right light; it also allows people to work much more efficiently and productively whilst saving time.

For me, a person who lives in Russia right now, working somewhere in the US or UK, could be very interesting because the work would pay a lot more while the cost of living here is really low. That combination overall is going to bring up the standard of living for me, and as a result, raise my motivation and the company would get a more efficient employe. That is the story of most of the remote workers as well.

My own experience

Many of my friends that used to be in-house and have switched to remote work and I say that they would not go in-house even if the pay would be twice as big.

The remote work allows you to be free to do whatever you want and whenever you want. You can be focused on the tasks at hand without really needing to keep your image up in front of the workers. You can prioritise the work that you have to do, and if you do the work in 2 hours, you are a productive genius and deserve rest as that work was given to you for the whole day.

In my personal experience, remote work allows you to save a lot of time and really get into the deep focus state that we usually miss so much. Because we are working from our homes' comfort, we are never distracted by random chit chatter and other things that usually only make our productivity worse instead of improving it.

I don’t see a reason to go in-house, especially when it is still not safe. But if you have any point that you would like to raise, please message me so that I can add them here or talk about in the next article.

Thank you.

Klim Y