Working when YOU want

Oct 28 2020

<p>Working when YOU want</p>

Working when YOU want

I actually got a super high motivational boost today during midday.

For some reason, I couldn’t stop researching and as I continued I got more and more motivated.

After that somehow I write one thousand words in a flash. The most amazing thing is that I love what I wrote.

The writing was meaningful, it was deep and it was full of insights and thoughts even I myself didn’t really think of beforehand.

When I start writing.

Usually, I start writing my daily note or a daily blog during the evening. After all of the work is done and I know that no-one will disturb me. One of the additional reasons is that I started waking up later so I didn’t have enough time like before to finish the writing before work.

Today I planned on fasting the whole day, so naturally, lunchtime was free for me.

Usually, you spend it eating or going somewhere like everyone else, but when you have that time free, you notice how world kinda stops and no-one can be reached and nothing can be done in that time.

Today after finishing the last meeting before the lunch I started reading James Clear’s article on habits. An old one from 2015(they never actually do go old).

What fascinated me how he talked about showing up when you are feeling the worst, how that affects your end goal and how at the times when you feel the worst you can and will produce the best work.

That inspired the heck out of me. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Looking back at the writing it is really good work that I have done and it is worth a separate post on the home page for sure.

The problem I have now is that it needs editing and additions and that is exactly why you are reading this #qnote today and not a full-fledged post.

But this is kinda fascinating.

Writing more than normal

Due to this sudden enlightenment during the lunchtime, at least 5 hours before my usual writing time I had the energy and creativity to write something way better than usual.

This proves that evening is worthless time that needs to be spent on whining down and sleeping and that is it. Nothing else.

Go to sleep early, wake up super early before sunrise and your day will be amazing. I think this is a formula of success for me and the biggest take away from today.

I should do my work when you are the most creative and energised. Clearly, it is the morning.

Overall, I think the bigger and much more broad take away is just to do something. I could have felt bad and didn’t write or publish but I went through with it, without worrying about failing and being called words.

This is proof that systems of habits are way better than goals.

Start now. Get perfect latter.

Klim Y