Write for joy or stop writing

Dec 5 2020

<p>Write for joy or stop writing</p>


I think that the way to do SEO is by being smart with what you write. Most of the time, the topics that are considered SEO good are the same topic that suck the living soul from me.

I have thought that maybe weekends will make me want to tackle the topics that should work great for SEO.

Guess what, the weekend didn’t make a difference to how or what I write. I still couldn't start and just forcing myself seemed impossible.

No motivation

If you are writing as a way to express yourself, you most likely will be able to go on for hours without stopping.

Once you start writing because you have to write an article that has keywords in it, you will always be distracted and probably won’t have a good time.

What is the solution? Write articles that you want and then if you are feeling particularly motivated you can write an SEO one as well!

What has stopped me from writing all the time since the initial creation of the blog was an article that I had no interest in writing. It was very far, and different from I was interested at that time. Guess what? A month flew by, and I have written maybe 2000 words maximum with most of it being done by forcing myself in the first day.

I genuinely think that a person has to write what they are interested in. If you can write just because you need to, I think that is the fastest route to burnoutville.

My passion has been writing on particular topics that are very competitive on SEO. The bloggers that write about them are all very well established, and what is even worse, they know what they are doing.

What is left at the bottom are the scrapes of a good topic and very long-tail keywords that I know I won’t be able to write too much about.

One of the ideas I had is to write an article on a topic that I wanted to target and that way. I could capture exactly what I wanted with a little article of around 500 words.

SEO and it’s long-tail keywords.

I realise how it is. Long tail keywords rule this world. But guess what? I will stop writing completely if I force myself to write 3000 words on “how to improve my habits formation at 1:50 PM before lunch”.

I am not the type of person that can do that. I am still new, and I am still learning.

Any friction that I create now might backfire so much to me that I will simply abandon the blog and will most likely regret it for the rest of my life.

I would rather only get traffic from social networks, then get organic traffic and abandon the project.

Have you had a similar experience with SEO? How did you find a balance in SEO writing and interesting writing?