Writing as a hobby

Apr 11 2021

<p>Writing as a hobby</p>

I have been writing for a very long time now, and it has been a really interesting journey, to say the least.

Looking at the world where I started and what I wrote about back then, this journey has been a fascinating self-discovery process.

I have never expected life to be the way it is right now for me because I have never would have imagined, even in my deepest dreams, that I would be writing and producing so much unique content that I would be even impressed myself.

It takes courage, and it takes real patience to continuously show up every day for a long period of time.

I have been struggling with that in the past, and even with the initial habit of writing, I couldn’t get myself to write as often as I wanted.

The main reason? I was trying to create a habit out of boring, uninteresting things for me that just didn’t make sense and didn’t fuel my creative workflow or idea of writing.

SEO research and everything else didn’t work. If I carried on working the same way as before, I would have quit a long time ago whilst achieving no results what so ever.

So the easiest way for me has been to make sure that things that I do are interesting and very easy to start and finish with clear pipelines, deadlines and objectives.

Writing type

Also, another thing that I have noticed that it has been really hard to decide on the topic itself when writing, but choosing some random words depending on the way you feel and then writing just the first things that you associate with it. That way, you don’t get the writer's block and make sure to actually write something that is coherent with who you are and what you feel about life.

It might seem weird to rush into the writing without a plan or research, but for me, it is a matter of not writing at all, so I have chosen to do it this way.

It has helped me write in my blog and for my novels and other things that I pursue.

I have recently discovered that this is normal and can be considered a way of people writing fantasy novels, so there is a clear validation of my theory.

Understanding why you do write

Another thing that you have to understand what is your end goal for writing. As long as you can see the final goal that you have, constantly writing and clearly going towards your objective is the best way to keep on going with no immediate results.

Why is that important? Because writing is not a sprint but a marathon that you have to understand how to run and that you are going for the end goal that will be achieved exponentially and not linearly.

But most importantly is a simple truth.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y