Thoughts on writing daily

Feb 14 2021

<p>Thoughts on writing daily</p>

I have been trying a very cool approach to writing that I have discovered by following Pat Walls, a very respected indie hacker. He writes daily and has been doing that for more than a year. I remember reading that and being inspired myself by such a commitment.

Now I have been writing myself for over 150 days straight and to tell you the truth it feels really amazing to know what I am going to do for the day. I have a routine that I will do straight away after waking up, and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or where I am.

But the problem has been apparent to me that because I write daily, my articles started to worsen because of low page visits numbers(inexistent). Because of a general feeling that my work doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Sometimes I pour my everything into the article for it to get no traction what so ever. This, of course, makes me less motivated.

Either way, I stuck with writing daily and planning on doing that, but from now on, I will try to make every single piece add even more value to the reader.

Here on the blog and in notes, you will not read a bad article, that I can promise you. If I feel that the article is not good, I will simply not realise it to the blog, and you wouldn’t have to read it. If you still want to see what I have been working on, you can always go and check out notes.

Notes change

Over the months, the notes section has changed from initially being a new way to express small and quick ideas to a personal idea management system.

I find it much more useful that way as it ended up being that I don’t have semi-stable, semi-formed opinions, I only somehow have full and formed opinions.

I look back at the first note that I wrote about a Netflix show and giggle to myself. I was a completely different person with a different way of writing back then. Now that I actually can express my ideas and feelings, notes also have to change.

Other ways to improve writing

I am still in the process of figuring out how I can improve my writing so that it appeals to more people and to tell you the truth I still can’t really say. I know that promoting it is a huge part, but most of the time, my daily content that I make is simply not worth the promotion.

I think that I have to start writing long and actually in-depth articles that are above 1500+ words mark if I want to really start getting good traffic. Otherwise, this blog might as well be called the personal journal of Klim Y. I write 600 words daily in my journal, and later I write at least 400 words here. 2 Journals is the new meta? I don’t think so.

Thanks for reading as always, you are appreciated more than you know it.

Klim Y