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<p>Have a soul to worry for future</p>

Have a soul to worry for future

Reproduction is the most important thing in our brain. We achieve the best mating partner by getting money and respect.

Jan 24 2021

<p>Strive to perfection or happiness</p>

Strive to perfection or happiness

Being still and not wanting to progress used to be a very foreign thing for me. But if you are happy, not progressing can make sense.

Jan 21 2021

<p>The biggest roadblock to success is yourself</p>

The biggest roadblock to success is yourself

Stop making your progress in life harder by limiting yourself. We all have it hard already, no reason to make it even harder.

Jan 19 2021

<p>Live in the moment</p>

Live in the moment

Living in the moment is one of the best things that I did to boost my self worth and motivation. Get the best benefit by using the power of Now.

Jan 18 2021

<p>Patience is the greatest virtue</p>

Patience is the greatest virtue

Patience is the one and only skills that drives us to long term success. By chasing immediate goals we only overcomplicate and worsen everything.

Jan 17 2021

<p>Covering a topic extensively and on Writing</p>

Covering a topic extensively and on Writing

Writing about the same thing forces your brain to look for fresh and different ideas. Don't underestimate specialisation.

Jan 15 2021

<p>Different Income for Different Spending</p>

Different Income for Different Spending

Earning money effortlessly will force your subconsciousness to spend the money the same way. Change your attitude to the work that you do.

Jan 11 2021

<p>Positivity and 24x3</p>

Positivity and 24x3

Positivity can be a curse and can be a gift, make sure to use it correctly.

Jan 9 2021

<p>Work with Passion</p>

Work with Passion

Being forced into things by others is common, but mostly we suffer from it, instead of benefiting.

Jan 8 2021

<p>Arriving at the Destination</p>

Arriving at the Destination

Achieving goals can only be done through habits and one must realise it sooner than later to achieve something meaningful.

Jan 7 2021

<p>Organisation vs Procrastination</p>

Organisation vs Procrastination

The organisation is the ultimate practice to combat procrastination. Small steps lead to meaningfully result.

Jan 5 2021

<p>Mornings are for You</p>

Mornings are for You

Morning routines are one of the most important things that you can do to boost your energy and productivity.

Jan 4 2021

<p>Today is the Present</p>

Today is the Present

Tomorrow is the present that defines who you are going to be. Past and future are there to guide us only.

Jan 3 2021

<p>Happy New 2021 Year</p>

Happy New 2021 Year

Start of the new year is a grand event that gives you possibilities to start something new and exciting. Don't wait and start right now.

Jan 1 2021

<p>Happiness and Hobbies</p>

Happiness and Hobbies

Happiness and hobbies are interlinked. If you are spending your free time being measurable, you are guaranteed to be unhappy.

Dec 28 2020

<p>Improve your life with learning</p>

Improve your life with learning

Life and learning are interlinked. Living life without learning is the same as being a waste of your time.

Dec 27 2020

<p>Festive Season</p>

Festive Season

Christmas is a time when we can get our thought in order for the next year.

Dec 23 2020

<p>Be More Humble</p>

Be More Humble

Being humble makes sure that your reality check where you are going and where it will lead you.

Dec 22 2020

<p>Take a step back</p>

Take a step back

Experiment. Trying new things lead to amazing discoveries.

Dec 19 2020

<p>Daily TODOs</p>

Daily TODOs

Daily habits compound easily. Look at every single habit at a time.

Dec 18 2020

<p>2020 Holidays</p>

2020 Holidays

Holidays are fun, but routines still stay.

Dec 16 2020

<p>Throwing away bad work</p>

Throwing away bad work

Writing doesn't have to be showing your best work. Sometimes the mediocre work is what matters.

Dec 15 2020

<p>Why Small Habits Count</p>

Why Small Habits Count

Small habits and understanding that they are what shape your identity is very important.

Dec 11 2020

<p>Multitasking is dead [Better quality and happiness]</p>

Multitasking is dead [Better quality and happiness]

Early mornings allow you to deeply focus and get rid of multitasking

Dec 10 2020

<p>Nano problems</p>

Nano problems

Don't worry about your current problems, solve them with a poker face

Dec 9 2020

<p>Chance is just a number</p>

Chance is just a number

As we all know, humans, we tend to look at things in black and white.

Dec 7 2020

<p>Front page of Hacker News [HN]</p>

Front page of Hacker News [HN]

Yesterday I decided to write an actual article on a topic I was very passionate about.

Dec 6 2020

<p>Write for joy or stop writing</p>

Write for joy or stop writing

I think that the way to do SEO is by being smart with what you write

Dec 5 2020

<p>Creating is just copying intelligently</p>

Creating is just copying intelligently

We, humans, are unable to come up with anything new and completely groundbreaking

Dec 4 2020

<p>I like expressing my feelings, I will keep on doing it</p>

I like expressing my feelings, I will keep on doing it

What is even crazier is that I really enjoyed that writing

Dec 3 2020

<p>How to own every opportunity out there</p>

How to own every opportunity out there

You are not able to do that because of a simple reason. Time.

Dec 1 2020

<p>Practice makes perfect</p>

Practice makes perfect

I have been writing every day for more than a month now

Nov 30 2020

<p>Just be the best in everything</p>

Just be the best in everything

There is a clear line between junk blogs and mastermind blogs.

Nov 27 2020

<p>Work at what you want</p>

Work at what you want

The hardest part is to start, the second hardest part is to finish.

Nov 25 2020

<p>Intermitting Fasting and Fasting 101</p>

Intermitting Fasting and Fasting 101

What is even more amazing, is that it has gone into a habit these days. I don’t actively think and prepare for it.

Nov 23 2020

<p>Note to self</p>

Note to self

I think that it is way too important to combine personal writing with professional writing.

Nov 21 2020

<p>I write and you read</p>

I write and you read

There are too many writers that want to please their audience too much.

Nov 19 2020

<p>The border between work and life</p>

The border between work and life

I can’t really schedule any things outside of work during the window of a workday.

Nov 17 2020

<p>How to be a normal human being during lockdown</p>

How to be a normal human being during lockdown

What do you want people to feel when they talk to you?

Nov 16 2020

<p>Updates for the sake of Updates</p>

Updates for the sake of Updates

There were updates that didn’t change a thing from the user perspective.

Nov 14 2020

<p>An excuse to not finish</p>

An excuse to not finish

When I write, I really know when I hit the good story or something I can elaborate and create a nice and fully-fledged blog post.

Nov 13 2020

<p>Finishing what started</p>

Finishing what started

I really think that having 30 unfinished articles is not a good idea.

Nov 12 2020

<p>How does the environment affect your well-being?</p>

How does the environment affect your well-being?

You might have wondered why can’t you power through the problem of procrastinating

Nov 10 2020

<p>Loving What you Do</p>

Loving What you Do

Drop everything else in life and solely focus on that task.

Nov 9 2020

<p>Eating correctly makes you a monster</p>

Eating correctly makes you a monster

Your body feels what you eat, it decomposes it and it will the way the food is.

Nov 8 2020

<p>Making a Life Worth Remembering</p>

Making a Life Worth Remembering

What did you do today? What did you do yesterday?

Nov 6 2020

<p>My Passion</p>

My Passion

What are you crazy about? What makes your blood boil?

Nov 5 2020

<p>Being in the moment</p>

Being in the moment

The first natural thing that comes to mind is to fill this pause.

Nov 4 2020

<p>Don’t bend to fit in</p>

Don’t bend to fit in

If you choose to do something because you want to fit in, that is a very bad outlook on life.

Nov 3 2020

<p>Thinking Through</p>

Thinking Through

Before you make a decision that can affect your future, even if that’s one week of effect.

Nov 2 2020

<p>Progressing through life starts today</p>

Progressing through life starts today

Do 5 push-ups right now and you have started the whole process

Oct 31 2020



If you think about your personal, current hobbies, how many can you name?

Oct 30 2020

<p>Working when YOU want</p>

Working when YOU want

I actually got a super high motivational boost today during midday.

Oct 28 2020

<p>Don’t be greedy</p>

Don’t be greedy

Stop thinking that what you have is not enough.

Oct 26 2020

<p>Just go for it</p>

Just go for it

Don't think. Go in, straight away and react accordingly.

Oct 25 2020

<p>Don't underestimate</p>

Don't underestimate

Underestimation is a dangerous enemy

Oct 24 2020

<p>Cutting Busy-Work with Alex</p>

Cutting Busy-Work with Alex

I have stumbled upon a really interesting person today.

Oct 22 2020

<p>Love or Don’t love yourself too much</p>

Love or Don’t love yourself too much

I have always thought that loving yourself is a great idea.

Oct 21 2020

<p>Learning is a Life long Journey</p>

Learning is a Life long Journey

I think that learning hasn’t stopped for a single day for every single human being on earth.

Oct 20 2020

<p>Is Flow State a real thing</p>

Is Flow State a real thing

Most of the musicians and entrepreneurs came up and achieved the most incredible goals WHILE being in the flow state.

Oct 19 2020

<p>Stoping To Rest is only Natural</p>

Stoping To Rest is only Natural

If you are tired, make sure to take a break. When you are rested. Crack on with it.

Oct 18 2020

<p>Procrastination makes your life worse</p>

Procrastination makes your life worse

Procrastination makes your life worse. Doesn’t matter what way you look at it. It just does.

Oct 16 2020

<p>So close yet so far</p>

So close yet so far

I have started writing and working on the blog post at exactly 20:00

Oct 15 2020

<p>Habitat of Isolation</p>

Habitat of Isolation

So here I am just sitting in the apartment of my friends who are not in the country right

Oct 14 2020

<p>Blogging as a Ritual</p>

Blogging as a Ritual

I have been writing a post about Social Media Marketing, in general, I think for around 1 month now

Oct 13 2020

<p>Sorry for not Writing</p>

Sorry for not Writing

So from today onwards, I will not be slacking as much as I have been.

I have not been writing daily as I promised.

Oct 12 2020

<p>State of Netflix</p>

State of Netflix

Netflix has been releasing many movies after Disney+ came out. A lot. But I cannot tell you how many of them I liked or watched.

Sep 26 2020