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<p>Shy of Writing</p>

Shy of Writing

Do I not write because I feel scared of being judged, or is it because I have changed my surrounding too much?

Dec 14 2021

<p>How I use ROAM Research to Increase my Productivity</p>

How I use ROAM Research to Increase my Productivity

ROAM Research is an amazing platform that lets you supercharge your productivity.

Sep 27 2021

<p>Thinking instead of doing</p>

Thinking instead of doing

It is much more important to think in order to make sure you are moving on the right path.

Sep 1 2021

<p>Sticking to habits</p>

Sticking to habits

Breaking a chain is not the end of the world. Abandoning a habit is.

Jul 9 2021

<p>Procrastination is easily solvable</p>

Procrastination is easily solvable

If you know the ways, you will not be trapped in the problem that all humanity faced for eternity.

Jul 4 2021

<p>Working hard</p>

Working hard

Working hard is what really does make you successful. Not being lazy.

Jun 12 2021

<p>Getting back at it after a break</p>

Getting back at it after a break

It doesn't matter how long of a break you took. What matters is that you reflect and get back at it.

Jun 7 2021

<p>Laziness and its avoidance</p>

Laziness and its avoidance

Being lazy is okay once in a while. But there are ways to being lazy much less.

May 19 2021

<p>Thankful for Everything</p>

Thankful for Everything

Being thankful for what you have right now will really make you think differently about the problems that you are having.

May 16 2021

<p>Always Trying New</p>

Always Trying New

Trying new things is the best thing you can do to boost your brain and to let your life be more fun and exciting, something that all of us seek.

May 14 2021

<p>Four Life Burners</p>

Four Life Burners

Four life burners is a theory that provokes people to think and analyse and in the end makes their life better.

May 13 2021

<p>Taking interest in others</p>

Taking interest in others

Sometimes things that interest others don't correlate with what interests you. But that is okay, learn them to become better.

May 11 2021

<p>Go against your fears</p>

Go against your fears

Sometimes facing your fear and challenging your zone of comfort is what lets you grow as a person.

Apr 28 2021

<p>Quickly Rushing</p>

Quickly Rushing

Being rushed is not a good feeling, so knowing what to do is just as important.

Apr 27 2021

<p>Happiness as a function</p>

Happiness as a function

Happiness is something that can be achieved easily. Actively or passively.

Apr 25 2021

<p>Selfishness is not bad</p>

Selfishness is not bad

Selfishness is a negative adjective usually, but if you explore it further you find that it is not as bad as you think.

Apr 23 2021

<p>Life star Goals</p>

Life star Goals

Get your goals in order if you would like to improve your life and to get the results that actually matter.

Apr 22 2021

<p>Risk and Reward</p>

Risk and Reward

Just take the risk when you are certain. Don't stop yourself from making mistakes.

Apr 16 2021

<p>Choose habits wisely</p>

Choose habits wisely

Sometimes being consumed by routine can be the most dangerous thing in your life.

Apr 15 2021

<p>Sports effects on your mind</p>

Sports effects on your mind

Sport usually considered to be very important for the body, but what about the mind?

Apr 9 2021

<p>Predict the future</p>

Predict the future

Future is in the things that you do today. Take advantage of today to shape the future.

Apr 7 2021

<p>The Big picture</p>

The Big picture

Understanding that success is in details is fundamental, but seeing the big picture is even more important.

Apr 5 2021

<p>Constant Time</p>

Constant Time

Time is the ultimate driver of our lives. Learn how to use it instead of being used by it.

Apr 3 2021

<p>Ask for help</p>

Ask for help

Dealing with your own problems is something you have to take pride in.

Apr 2 2021

<p>Being self-sufficient</p>

Being self-sufficient

Being self-sufficient comes with its benefits as well as drawbacks. Dealing with them is what's important.

Apr 1 2021

<p>Maximising Time</p>

Maximising Time

Being productive is not stuffing as many TODOs into the day, it is the way you manage them is that determines your efficiency.

Mar 31 2021

<p>The hardest part about doing</p>

The hardest part about doing

You might not realise, but before doing comes the most important step. Starting.

Mar 27 2021

<p>Exercise and why it is so important</p>

Exercise and why it is so important

Exercise is something you can not avoid and you have to integrate into your life to fully leave as a productive human being.

Mar 26 2021

<p>Be in control</p>

Be in control

Understand that nothing matters more than self-control. As long as you can stick to your path, you will get to the destination.

Mar 24 2021

<p>Pursuit of goals</p>

Pursuit of goals

Getting to your desires that come from within your heart is incredibly important. Here is how to do it.

Mar 19 2021

<p>Life Burners</p>

Life Burners

When going about your life, truly understanding your goal can determine what you focus on and achieve.

Mar 18 2021

<p>Fighting against oneself</p>

Fighting against oneself

You can compare yourself to others and be sad or you can be an individual.

Mar 13 2021

<p>4 Ps of business 🧑‍💼👩‍💼</p>

4 Ps of business 🧑‍💼👩‍💼

Business is a wide range of success and failure. Giving yourself an advantage is key.

Mar 10 2021

<p>Sexy business</p>

Sexy business

You need to choose business not only based on where you see opportunities but also on what makes you excited.

Mar 9 2021

<p>Life Partner</p>

Life Partner

A life partner is one of the most important parts of achieving long term success and happiness.

Mar 6 2021

<p>Showing Up Every Day</p>

Showing Up Every Day

The reason people are successful is not that they have unlimited motivation. It is because they focus on habits.

Feb 27 2021

<p>Getting help from others</p>

Getting help from others

There is nothing bad about getting help from others. If you are in a difficult situation speak up and find help yourself.

Feb 26 2021

<p>Goal-oriented Approach ❌</p>

Goal-oriented Approach ❌

Goals are just an understanding of where you need to be. Most important is how you will get there.

Feb 23 2021

<p>Technological Detox</p>

Technological Detox

Technology is great, but by being away from it you allow yourself to think differently from everyone else.

Feb 19 2021

<p>200-day Streak on WIP</p>

200-day Streak on WIP

Discovering the community that does things close to what you do is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to achieve great things.

Feb 16 2021

<p>Are you really motivated?</p>

Are you really motivated?

Motivation can be a tricky concept that not many understand and even try to think about, but motivation is exactly what makes or breaks the success.

Feb 11 2021

<p>Winning the monetary race</p>

Winning the monetary race

Money can be intoxicating as they are the easiest and most clear way to get respect. But is it worth it?

Feb 9 2021

<p>The success of other Indie Hackers</p>

The success of other Indie Hackers

Even though it can seem like an impossible mountain to climb there are patterns that can be directly replicated.

Feb 8 2021

<p>Testing and Adjusting in life as a moto</p>

Testing and Adjusting in life as a moto

Living life without trying to get better will only make you worse. Test and adjust and success is guaranteed.

Jan 30 2021

<p>How to Start Learning to Learn</p>

How to Start Learning to Learn

Learning and living are 2 sides of the same coin. Living and not learning leaves you in the mess that will be impossible to untangle

Jan 26 2021

<p>How to Improve your Social Life?</p>

How to Improve your Social Life?

Social life like anything else is a game of repetition and of numbers. Get going and start building up your skills and connections.

Jan 23 2021

<p>Have a backup plan instead</p>

Have a backup plan instead

Make sure that you are not risking everything for the chance to succeed. Choose the paths of least resistance that make sure you will succeed.

Jan 22 2021

<p>Be happy right now, be happy at all times</p>

Be happy right now, be happy at all times

Be happy and not numb. Think about being truly happy with nothing tricking you about the meaning of happiness.

Jan 20 2021

<p>Success is a result of every day's action</p>

Success is a result of every day's action

Achieving even the smallest goal takes action and in order to achieve great goals, lots of small goals or actions are needed.

Jan 16 2021

<p>Overconfidence is key for success</p>

Overconfidence is key for success

We doubt ourselves all the time and in the world of pessimists, confidence is extremely valuable.

Jan 14 2021

<p>Realising Potential</p>

Realising Potential

The stored potential is something that all of us have. It eagerly waits for it to be allowed to burst forth and change your life.

Jan 13 2021

<p>Smart Working</p>

Smart Working

Being lazy and tired is okay. Making sure that you design the system that doesn't promote it a necessary step to greatness.

Jan 12 2021

<p>Fear of Making</p>

Fear of Making

Don't fear making, fear what will happen if you don't do anything.

Jan 10 2021

<p>Energy Vampires and Energy Donators</p>

Energy Vampires and Energy Donators

There are many different types of people. Understanding who helps you and who takes your energy is very important.

Jan 6 2021

<p>Your Surrounding</p>

Your Surrounding

Your surrounding matters. Who do you spend your time with and how you spend it is key to living a successful life.

Jan 2 2021

<p>Mindful Rest</p>

Mindful Rest

When resting, choose active resting activities that bring you energy instead of those that numb your brain and body.

Dec 31 2020

<p>Motivation During the Lockdowns</p>

Motivation During the Lockdowns

Motivation can be tricky and especially when we have so many excuses around us.

Dec 30 2020

<p>Be Happy Right now</p>

Be Happy Right now

Happiness doesn't get achieved by being rich. It is achieved by actively seeking it.

Dec 29 2020

<p>Holidays for Makers</p>

Holidays for Makers

Writing an end of the year is hard, but the effects that you get from doing it are among the best time/result of tasks out there.

Dec 26 2020

<p>Merry Christmas 🎄</p>

Merry Christmas 🎄

2020 is nearly ending and it has been a tough year. 2021 is just around the corner and it is more than ever important, to understand what has changed.

Dec 25 2020

<p>Work Life Balance in Isolation</p>

Work Life Balance in Isolation

Working from home can be boring and lonely. Don't make it shameful and unproductive as well.

Dec 24 2020

<p>Don’t get distracted</p>

Don’t get distracted

Distractions can be caused by multitasking, interruptions and your mindset.

Dec 21 2020

<p>Productivity and Drinking</p>

Productivity and Drinking

Drinking is not good for you no matter how you look at it. Change your life and your productivity by not drinking.

Dec 20 2020

<p>Solving problems with Habits</p>

Solving problems with Habits

Changing your problematic parts of life into habits that daily solve them can potentially be the trick to making your life better.

Dec 17 2020

<p>Inbox Zero [Guide to Focus]</p>

Inbox Zero [Guide to Focus]

Achieving full focus is only possible by finished the most pressing tasks. Such as Cleaning the inbox.

Dec 14 2020

<p>What is your goal?</p>

What is your goal?

Seeing yourself in 5 years of time makes sure you are heading in the right direction.

Dec 13 2020

<p>Positive habits are underestimated</p>

Positive habits are underestimated

Don't look for cheap for dopamine hits. Look for something hard, but potentially amazing.

Dec 12 2020

<p>Impact through motion</p>

Impact through motion

It is much easier to relax, then go to the gym every day

Dec 8 2020

<p>Benefits of Walking [For Anyone]</p>

Benefits of Walking [For Anyone]

There has been too much research that showed that walking has a huge advantage to humans

Dec 5 2020

<p>Winter and the ways it's perceived in different countries</p>

Winter and the ways it's perceived in different countries

What do you think when someone says the season's name, Winter?

Dec 2 2020

<p>When productivity increases?</p>

When productivity increases?

Productivity is simply the rate at which a task is being done.

Nov 29 2020

<p>What writing can do</p>

What writing can do

I have never even in my wildest dream thought of what it meant to write.

Nov 28 2020

<p>Enjoyment Now or Health Later?</p>

Enjoyment Now or Health Later?

How much do I value an extra day of life?

Nov 26 2020

<p>Time schedule during the day for better energy</p>

Time schedule during the day for better energy

Do you realise that you are much more productive during the morning and day than you are during the evening?

Nov 24 2020

<p>Dream of going camping</p>

Dream of going camping

I have been dreaming of going camping for at least 8 years now.

Nov 22 2020

<p>Being honest or being successful</p>

Being honest or being successful

People in life try to do everything at once. That is very dangerous.

Nov 20 2020

<p>Not having structure for the project sucks</p>

Not having structure for the project sucks

The main reason is, that I don’t have a proper structure to build it.

Nov 18 2020

<p>Quality over Quantity in Writing</p>

Quality over Quantity in Writing

Writing daily is great. But what if your writing is garbage?

Nov 15 2020

<p>How to succeed in reaching your goals online in 2020</p>

How to succeed in reaching your goals online in 2020

Find what you enjoy. Find what makes you good money.

Nov 11 2020

<p>How to wake up early</p>

How to wake up early

I always have since I remember myself, though I was a night owl.

Nov 7 2020

<p>Don’t Judge</p>

Don’t Judge

My biggest personal lesson in the years that passed is that everyone is just as unique as you

Nov 1 2020

<p>The World Doesn't Stop When You are Tired</p>

The World Doesn't Stop When You are Tired

The answer is that it doesn’t.

Oct 29 2020

<p>Pareto In November of 2020</p>

Pareto In November of 2020

This week is the last week of October. This means that we are 80% done with 2020.

Oct 27 2020

<p>Runway doesn’t Guarantee Success</p>

Runway doesn’t Guarantee Success

In the world of Silicon Valley, there is only one way of being called successful.

Oct 23 2020

<p>Social Media Marketing Basic Guide for Entrepreneurs</p>

Social Media Marketing Basic Guide for Entrepreneurs

SMM doesn't wait for the right time. Start now. Get perfect later.

Oct 17 2020

<p>Morning Routines of Most Successful People</p>

Morning Routines of Most Successful People

Morning routine has been one of the most important parts of success of the most successful human beings in the world.

Oct 2 2020

<p>Covid Right Now</p>

Covid Right Now

The best researched I found looked at the history and the way the pandemics were dealt with back then. It was all different.

Sep 30 2020

<p>New Feature - Notes</p>

New Feature - Notes

Writing too much too fast

Notes Are here to Help

Sep 26 2020

<p>Nano Influencers and Social Media Marketing - Digging Deep</p>

Nano Influencers and Social Media Marketing - Digging Deep

How much do you know of Social Media Marketing? The word has created fields and industries which are specialise in maximising the results from it.📊

Sep 24 2020

<p>Sharing is The Definition of Inspiring</p>

Sharing is The Definition of Inspiring

The most fascinating thing about Pat Walls blog is that every time I open it I see bunch of new posts and I leave the blog feeling enlightened.

Sep 22 2020

<p>How to Get Better at Writing</p>

How to Get Better at Writing

Long story short I was stuck. After researching and blaming myself for not doing what I promised myself to do(hey! get popular and get money).

Sep 16 2020

<p>First Blog Post - First Step</p>

First Blog Post - First Step

Days passed. Weeks ran by. I was still thinking - which topic to cover FIRST? How people will react? Will there be any readers in the first place?

Aug 22 2020

<p>Idea generation - Simple guide to get projects moving</p>

Idea generation - Simple guide to get projects moving

Lately, I have been really inspired by everyone online like levels to start my own company. Ideas such as,12 startups in 12 months.

Jul 18 2020